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Jul 24, 2013 5:00pm EDT
quote not know, people we do not elect. in large part right now by somebody who has admitted lying to this body in a hearing. that's wrong. we should be doing the balancing. we were elected to do that. we need to pass this amendment so that we can do the balancing, not folks that are not elected who we do not know. the chair: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from michigan.
Jul 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. you did not vote in the election, did you? that is one voice which was not heard. that is president of the young malian civic society. you did not vote either, which is a shame. two voice is not heard. we have the senior analyst from the european institute for security studies. thank you for being with us. ed wardle, pleasure to see you, too. -- edvaruardo, pleasure to see you, too. he is unconvinced by this election and very much pushing for a different makeup to the north of mali. let's bring in our correspondent who has been covering these elections for us. bringing us every development as it has happened. can you give us a sense about what people have been saying about this election? is there an element of optimism? are people unconvinced by what will happen next? >> people were keen to get to the polling stations. we are starting to get a sense from the pronouncements made by the observer groups deployed throughout this election for what has been -- participation levels are higher than people thought. that first part of the test, the measure of how successful this election has
Jul 31, 2013 2:00pm PDT
's engineering giant siemens picks a new ceo after a messy battle. >> and a -- election day in zimbabwe. polls have been closing as monitors give the votes the thumbs up. >> it's one of the wildcards ahead of the september's elections in germany -- a row over a failed project to develop surveillance drones that wasted hundreds of millions of euros. >> today, the man at the center of it all had to appear before a parliamentary committee to explain himself, but he stuck to his guns and said he will not resign over the matter. >> the opposition says he knew more about problems at an earlier state than he is letting on, and they say that should cost him his job. >> the stakes are high because he is a close ally of chancellor merkel, and she is standing by him. >> he has denied the accusations against him. he says he knew about problems regarding the euro hop drums, but his aides told him they were not insurmountable. when that group wrong, he put an end to the project. >> i think it is important to note that at the time i took office around 85% of the total sum had already been paid or had to be p
Jul 28, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. polls have closed in mali after the first presidential election since the country was thrown into turmoil 18 months ago. the fragile west african nation was rocked when rebel fighters took over large parts of the north. they were pushed out by french military intervention. despite fears rebels would stop people from going to the polls, it appears voters have turned out in large numbers. let's go live now to the capital for more. most polls have closed, but some have remained open because they open late because they received ballot boxes and papers a little bit late. a the whole, it has been peaceful election. there have been technical problems and there is a huge amount of international interest here because security in molly is crucial to the region and that is why this vote is so important. there is no doubt that many people in molly wanted to vote in this election. the turnout in the capital has been huge. but many people couldn't find their names on the list. there was confusion and frustration. they might miss out on casting their ballots. >> i am very upset because i wa
Jul 28, 2013 6:30pm EDT
correcting after 9/11. going into election year, what are the politics? >> this was a real demonstration. you had house republican and democratic leadership on the same side of the issue with the white house. then you had so many members voting to restrict this program. i think the fact that you solve the head of the house and senate intelligence committee consent publicly to examining how to possibly bring this and are put in more privacy protections as an example of what they are willing to do as a first step and if they can do that that they can get agreement on it and put that in place and maybe that will be enough to hold it off. it depends on what transpires and whether it continues to down political discourse. a lot depends on how quickly edward snowden situation where there in russia or back in the united states is settled. >> thank you for your questions. we appreciate it. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> now a preview of the 2014 elections with charlie cook. this is a little more than an hour and a ha
Jul 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to move towards a democracy. elections divide. a lend a in chile was voted in with 56%. -- allende in chile was voted in with 56%. >> would you agree that egypt has rejected political islam? >> it is a problem. i do not want to put it this way. this is what someone is asking. >> it i say that again? >> is egypt rejecting political islam? >> you cannot say that egypt rejected political islam when political islam or one of its parties was consistently winning every single election. what would have been is in the next -- if the next elections were to come in and freedom and justice would have come in, they would have lost the first time they came in. they went in with elections and they won 40%. 40% -- there was a lot of sympathy and you can, now they promised and they did not deliver. you pay a price for doing that. the next elections they would have lost but they would have their core supporters. >> first of all, squares or not the judge. what is decisive is the voting of the people. >> [indiscernible] >> we are happy now with the anti-military coup. this is not decisive. second --
Jul 28, 2013 9:40pm EDT
of a typical second term, midterm election, where we know the presidents typically have sufficient times during their second terms, and that this is a typical second term, midterm elections, where democrats have real problems, or it can obviously be something entirely different. let's sort of look at those two things. we know that looking back in 2012, and it's sort of still at the top of a lot of our minds, the republicans had real problems with minority voters, with younger voters, with women voters, with self-described moderate voters. do they repair their damage? do they fix that in time for 2014, sort of yes or no. and obviously we're, you know, we're still sort of young into this, but, you know, so far, we're not seeing a lot of improvement in republican party numbers as of late july. we haven't seen that quite yet. and so we're sort of watching to see, do those problems just sort of carry forward? now, one thing i have to say is that usually the dynamics of one election don't really carry forward into the next. usually it's about something different. but we have had times when it's repea
Jul 29, 2013 5:30am PDT
jazeera he wants an investigation, as the prime minister claims another election win. you are watching al jazeera, live from doha. also on the program, shia muslims are the target of 16 car bombs in iraq. time to talk, israeli and palestinian negotiators are due to meet later in washington. go, theup and raring to new car scheme for commuters in south korea. cambodia's main opposition leader has told al jazeera he wants an inquiry into the reelection of prime minister hun sen. asia's longest-serving prime minister won another term in office in sunday's vote. than oney says more million voters have not been able to cast their ballots. he wants a committee including international experts to look into a series of complaints. hasctually the committee just confirmed that irregularities are so widespread that they have distorted the will of the cambodian people. we want this fact to be recognized by everybody, that the will of the cambodian people has been disordered. seriously distorted. >> more from the capital. >> the opposition leader went on to tell us that this committee will last one mon
Jul 27, 2013 2:00pm PDT
are in mali. owners per pair for sunday's election. for sunday'spare election. >> the weather has been unsettled. eastward, along the eastern coast, it is pretty wet for some of us. it should not last too long though. the two -- by the time you get to monday, it should be dry for many places. there is another system putting itself together. that is going to gradually track its way eastward over the next few days so there is more wet weather still to come. there have been play d of storms across europe you can see the latest working its way north. that is giving us heavy down pours. we have seen when out of that system. this is the bordeaux region. things of the story for us as we head through the next few days. that system is edging its way eastern. it is going to continue to bring destructive weather. behind it, the weather will turn cooler. 24 degrees will be the maximum and london. headed that system, it is going to be very hot. berlin and vienna getting 237. to welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. the interior minister of egypt has denied that security forces us
Jul 30, 2013 7:00pm PDT
this celebration has already started here. the election was huge, i understand that 53% of people mostout and it will be the successful election in history. the town say is too early for that victory. particularly, his main opponent. the united nations has called on and it is an election. >> he will surrender power if he loses the presidential election. fort is 100% ready wednesday's vote. dodge facing tough economic times, more are hinging their hopes on their country's selection. that is why we don't have jobs. left, and they long -- he has the is one of , buteaders and is admired reviled by critics as cutting. it would seek to give a majority shareholding. chieftain later became head of the zimbabwe's workers union. is gathered as a potential kingmaker and is not an outright winner in the first round. splintered and is also running for president. >> there cannot be a free and fair election regarding the circumstances because of the nomination of candidates. what we're hoping for is an incredible election, the outcome that is legitimate. >> there are deliberate efforts to make sure that
Jul 24, 2013 6:00am EDT
the 2012 election cycle it really did look like republicans would pick up two, three, four u.s. senate seats and that election. we have to have two mindsets. the cards are dealt by the previous election. of hissenate, because six-year terms, we have to look back to say what happened six years earlier? off a2 we were operating base of 2006, a terrific year for democrats with the war and president bush's midterm election and all the arguments we ever talked about. so they had a great election in 2006. there were overexposed in 2012. they probably should have lost seats. a couple of people decided it would be really good idea to swallow hand grenades after swallowing the pins. other brad -- bad breaks here and there. we went from a situation where everyone thought republicans would pick up three-four seats to a net loss. that is why i am a little reticent about saying even though the dynamics are very similar, 2008 was a great year for democrats, therefore 2014 there overexposed. by all rights democrats are enormously over exposed. a lot of this will be contingent upon can repub
Jul 27, 2013 5:00pm PDT
and high tension. the stakes are high in mali preparing for its first presidential election. first out to egypt at least 100 are said to be dead and many more injured after security forces apparently opened fire on support ers of morsi. it erupt ed overnight. security forces opened fire just before dawn on around the clock sit-in near a mosque in the northeast of the city. officials deny they used live ammunition. we have this report. >> a makeshift morgue is bursting at the seams. the muslim brotherhood said scores of protesters are dead after the saturday morning clashes. they claim police and armed civilians were shooting to kill. >> all the dead were hit in the head, heart or chest. only one man was shot in the back. there were some with brains blown out. victims were hit between the eyes. they were fired on from above. >> the interior minister denies that security forces used live rounds. >> we have never opened fire on protesters. no aimed at their torsos. i can guarantee it. >> supporters of morsi have been camped out since his removal from power. doctors scram belied to deal wi
Jul 24, 2013 7:30am EDT
. it include naacp president. that's at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >>> a look at the 2014 midterm election with charlie cook. this is a little less than an hour and a half. >> sin this is the first of the season, i thought maybe we would sort of step back and think about maybe how we ought to look toward 2014, and i think one way of thinking about it is that it's a ports analogy. whether it's before baseball or football or basketball or soccer or hockey season, you know, you kind of look forward to the season and '02 not -- you're not sure how each team is going to do. what is the season is going to be like. you don't really know for sure. and somewhat painfully we know the washington nationals, according to spilted were world contenders this year and struggling to get up to 500. we didn't really, you know, we kind of overestimated a little bit how the season would be. that's the way i think it is right now mid way through an odd termed year in term of the next election. we don't really know what the next election will be about. we can have theories, you know, but we don't really know. what i we have t
Jul 26, 2013 6:00am PDT
's administration has decided it will not declare the overthrow of egypt's democratically elected leader a coup. this means the united states can continue to send aid to the country. the military pushed president mohamed morsi out of power at the beginning of the month. raters reports deputy secretary of state william burns briefed lawmakers on the decision. he told them the obama administration is not legally bound to conclude whether morsi's oust was a coup or not. u.s. law prohibits financial aid to be sent to regimes that have overthrown a democratically elected government. the americans are giving egypt $1.5 billion this fiscal year. most of the money will be funneled to the military. but president obama has been taking a closer look at the funding. this week he decided to stop the planned delivery of four f-16s. american leaders view egypt as a key partner in the middle east. the country has a peace treaty with the u.s. ally, israel. >>> chinese authorities have ordered a developer to suspend the construction of what could one day be the world's tallest building. they say they haven't off
Jul 31, 2013 2:30pm PDT
in huge numbers today to elect their new president. they may decide it is time for a change. the 89-year-old who has led the country for more than three decades faces a serious challenge from the prime minister. they ran against each other back in 2008 and the result then was both controversial and violence. we have more, and a warning there is a flash photography. those in worried zimbabwe lined up before sunrise to cast their ballot. it has been an unusual election by zimbabwe's standards, largely free of violence. >> you know the outcome must be expected in this election. >> there are accusations of foul play. they believe the state is against him. for 33 years, zimbabwe has only ever known one leader, leader,mugabe is seeking a further five-year mandate from the people, at the age of 89. he said if he loses this time, he will step down. >> people are voting very freely and they are very happy about it. >> president robert mugabe is seeking his seventh term in office. people he believes the of zimbabwe still have faith in his party. they are the ones who will ultimately decide whether
Jul 31, 2013 5:30am PDT
♪ >> polls open in dim baun way's presidential >> polls open in zimbabwe's presidential election. mugabe seeking another team as the country's leader. >> welcome to al jazeera. these are our top global news stories. a shock in the number of civilians being killed or injured in afghanistan. >> all of the final status issues, all of the core issues, and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation. >> a framework for peace, israelis and palestinians agree to further talks for a search for a negotiated settlement. >> i'm wayne hay in thailand where buddhist monks are being scrutinized more than other ollowing scandals. >> welcome to the program. dick baub yeaians >> welcome to the program. zimbabweians are voting in what could be the last election. >> lines of voters braved the polls where polling booths opened at 7:00 local time. while mugabe cast his ballot, he said if elected will serve another full five-year term. also n rival tsvangirai voted in the capital of harare. . t's join our correspondent earlier we spoke to haru in the capital and she was telling us about the
Jul 27, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to contact the elected officials or city officials regarding pending decisions. when we moved the lobbyists' program on-line, we changed the focus from entities to individuals. and as part that have discussion, the capturing of expenditure lobbyists was essentially deleted from our process. and it is not the action in the course of the year, there were a total of eight in the last four years. nonetheless, this is people spending the money to influence the governmental decisions so we don't have legislation drafted yet, but we have a basis for what we think the commission might like to do, and after this sort of reporting. and so this recommendation is because that they do not really shoot well into the existing lobbyist reporting program and we will create a new program outside of the electronic system and basic simple reporting and they are reported to us and reported on-line. and but we wanted to make sure that this is the direction that is acceptable to the commission before we drafted the legislation that has to go through the board. >> commissioners how do you feel about that? >> was t
Jul 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in a crucial election. and a major merger for one of france's best-known companies. they look to form the world's biggest advertising company. top stories here on france 24 in paris. israel and the palestinians have agreed to restart peace talks on monday, three years after the previous effort nailed -- failed. the united states will host negotiations in washington, d.c. the announcement after the israeli government agreed to release 104 palestinian prisoners. phillip, the talks in washington, d.c. where you are there on monday, after three years of going in wr, where will they actually tart -- start? >> because of those three years, they'll pretty much start in a no man's land. there is very little changed from the disagreements last time around. we will see a full day be talks on tuesday. talks to develop the procedural work plan on how to proceed in the coming months. in other words this is just a very first steppingstone to maybe lead to real peace negotiations further down the line. on that negotiating table will be the israeli justice minister, the palestinian chief goguor, not -- negotia
Jul 23, 2013 8:00pm EDT
you can have your security or your liberties i don't think that is the case. i think that as elected officials we can have both and it is unquestionably very good for the cause that we are outlining today. thank you. >> homages go to the center. >> please identify yourself. >> hello, i'm a student here. >> we are so glad you're here. >> thank you. i'm so glad to be here with you. i have one question. the department of homeland security does data mining from some publications and they stated that they have not yet adopted the notion of balancing privacy against other values, because that is a paradigm that results in a zero sum outcome and privacy is also diminished at the expense of security. so i'm just wondering what can we do about this as well as the nsa? >> are you quoting from this homeland security document? >> thing that it diminishes the importance of privacy? >> yes, there was a footnote in the practice of principles. >> thank heavens there are students out there that read footnotes. [applause] >> john from my office will get that in about three or four minutes and you wil
Jul 28, 2013 9:00pm EDT
looks at the 2014 election. q and a with jack doyle, founder of pop history did. to see a british economic hearing the uk relations with the european union. >> now charlie cook the publisher of the cook report. he looks ahead at the 2014 collections and how they might affect the majority in the house and senate. the presidential candidates for 2016. he made his comments at an event on tuesday hosted by the national journal. this is one hour and 20 minutes. >> since this is the first one of these for the season, i thought maybe we would just sort of step back and sort of think about maybe how we ought to look towards 2014, and i think one way of thinking about it is a sports analogy. you know, whether it's before a baseball or football or basketball or soccer or hockey season, you know, you kind of look forward to the season and you're not sure how each team is going to do, what the season's going to be like. you don't really know for sure. and somewhat painfully, we know that the washington nationals were, according to "sports illustrated," world series contenders this year and we
Jul 29, 2013 1:35am EDT
to a political process, credible democratic elections, and governors who protect the rights of religious minorities and women. on that subject, i am concerned about the treatment of christians, women, and refugees in a stabilized egypt. it means preventing the beating and killing of christians and exual assaults on women. also, egypt turning its back. egypt's military an interim government should provide safe haven for innocent the billions fleeing the brutality of the asad regime. i hope security forces will be vigilant in the increasingly violent finite where innocent victims have been killed and terrorist groups have lost -- launched attacks. the egypt government must quickly overturn the recent convictions of 43 ngo workers. must not stand. their work to support the americans in a strong pluralistic democracy -- the choices that lie before us. with that, let me recognize our ranking member. >> thank you. i want to welcome our witnesses. ue to the dramatic changes that occurred in egypt, it is critical we take a look and take time to discuss our relationship. sometimes, we forget we h
Jul 24, 2013 1:00am EDT
to be able to ratify or reject decisions that elected officials make on their behalf. to put it another way, americans recognize that intelligence agencies will sometimes need to conduct secret operations, but they don't think those agencies ought to be relying on secret laws. some argue that keeping the surveillance laws secret is somehow necessary. their argument essentially is it makes it easier to gather intelligence on terrorist groups and other foreign powers, and that is why the secrecy is appropriate. if you follow this logic, when congress passed the original foreign intelligence surveillance act back in the 1970's, they could have found a way to keep the entire thing secret. that way, soviet agents would not know that the fbi's surveillance of -- what the fbi's surveillance authorities were. but that's not the way we do it in america. we don't keep laws secret. it is a fundamental principle of american democracy that laws should not be the -- should not be public only when it's convenient for government officials to make them public. laws ought to be public all the time, open to r
Jul 26, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. >> there are rallies across the country by both supporters and opponents of the nation's first democratically elected leader, and they have warned of the potential for bloodshed. >> sure enough, there have already been deaths. at least two dead in the city of alexandria, and several people have been injured in clashes there and in cairo. >> we will get more from our correspondent there in a moment. first, this. >> fireworks over tahrir square, a gesture of support for egypt hoss and drum government. opponents of president mohamed morsi have been streaming into tahrir in their tens of thousands. they are heeding the call to give the army and mandate to take on the muslim brotherhood >> the muslim brotherhood will take us back years and years and years. this is not democracy. this is a revolution. >> the military has taken up missions outside the square to protect demonstrators against morsi supporters, despite the increased security, violent clashes have open out. -- broken out. allies of the muslim brotherhood are demonstrating in the neighboring town, demanding morsi's release. morsi is behind bars,
FOX News
Jul 23, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of the zimmerman verdict, and even following the 2012 presidential election, there is a great divide that exists here in america today, and it's time to explore why. in a few minutes, utah senator mike lee will join us from washington, he's going to tackle the sensitive issue of health care. and then a liberal and conserve collide when juan williams will square off with allen west on the topic of race. before we get to all of that, time to welcome in our brilliant studio audience who will be here for the next 60 minutes. good to see you all. how divided is america? >> 8 absolutely. anyone say 10? >> noelle, why? >> i think barack obama when he got to be president immediately started on class warfare, and immediately started with pitting the races. our nation is more divided since he became president. i feel that within people, with money, i feel that with money, i feel that in every aspect that we can. i think obama care, i think everything that he has done has been nothing but divide us as a nation. >> more numbers, what do we have, tom? >> nine. >> off the charts. higher than ten if possible?
Jul 27, 2013 5:00am PDT
act in 2011, when he ran for re-election last year and again on wednesday. >> this growing inequality is not just morally wrong, it's bad economics. because when middle class families have less to spend, guess what, businesses have fewer consumers. when wealth concentrates at the very top, it can unflate stable bubbles that stable the economy. when the rungs on the ladder of opportunity grow farther and farther apart. it undermines the very essence of america. that idea if you work hard, you can make it here. that's why reversing these trends has to be washington's highest priority. >> in that speech, obama called for more investment in infrastructure and combatting high college tuition costs and making it easier to refinance mortgages and middle class workers to save for retirement. but now the reality check. we know what the president faces in washington. republican-controlled house that is not interested in taking action on anything he laid out this week. pretty much on anything he suggested during his entire presidency. so, why did obama go ahead and deliver this speech anyway? wh
Jul 26, 2013 4:00am EDT
that a possible call for a federal election could ease the country's political uncertainties. in china, authorities published a list of companies ordered to reduce overcapacity. among them, paper producers came under some pressure. chungming paper, down by 1% to 2% in today's session. but some bigentm rallied on hopes they won't benefit from the industry consolidation. and beijing's mini stimulus package will help boost demand. anhui conch gained by about 3%. nikon tumbled nearly 4%. and shipmaker had an operating loss for the june quarter. samsung electronics also lipped nearly 1%, despite posting a record q-2 profit. more on that with sherry in seoul. sherry? >> thanks so much for that. we have been warned of such slowdown in the growth of this smartphone market in recent weeks, right? this time coming directly from samsung electronics itself like you saw on the board there, samsung electronics shares off by a percent today, even after giving up some 14% since early june on those -- the smartphone-related worries. samsung saying in earnings statement this morning that it is a smartph
Jul 27, 2013 10:35pm EDT
not hold any public office. one of our members stepped down when she was elected to the parliament. that was -- we meet with him, we wewe meet with whom choose, and we say what we really believe and we are not constrained by whether or not we will be reelected or put it is positions of authority. that has given us a chance to meet regularly, as we wish, with the leadership in hamas. we also go to north korea to bring some relationships with north korea. we go where we with -- wish. we have an insight we always share at the end of our sessions with leaders directly involved and who still hold public off this -- office. a personal report is always send very soon after we get back from the trip, in which i am involved from the elders. all of the elders have our own organizations to pursue. mayor robertson is one of the groups. she is the commissioner on human rights. she has been given a choice by the united nations to deal with the great lakes region, which includes rwanda and the congo and also uganda. she is working on that. she is with us today. she had to leave to go to another m
Jul 28, 2013 5:30pm PDT
brotherhood have boycotted a parliamentary election, raising concern about deepening political confrontation. the vote took place on saturday after the constitutional court invalidated the last election in december. citing procedural flaws. the december lax was held after the government introduced a new system that allowed one vote per person. the previous system permitted four votes per person. the opposition camp says the government unilaterally changed the electoral system in favor of itself. the opposition had also boycotted the december election. the governing bloc is expected to win most of the parliamentary seats. but the opposition says it will not accept the results. the opposition also criticizes the government for announcing $4 billion in aid to egypt after the military removed president morsi who was backed by the muslim brotherhood. >>> thousands of people hoff also taken to the streets in tunisia. they called for the overthrow of the islamist-led government. on the day of the funeral of an assassinated opposition politician. supporters of tunisia's secular opposition groups hel
Jul 26, 2013 8:30pm PDT
. >> but 1965 early on there was no probable. johnson won the election in -- problem. johnson won the election in a giant landslide. >> should the long term lessons of vietnam include respect for the nonintervention in another nation's sovereign affairs, in other words, civil wars, don't intervene? >> this was part of a cold war, not just a civil war, but as for interventions in civil war, stay out of it. >> try and do it with israel, our close ally. >> there's going to be a push for a war in iran and it's coming this year. >> eleanor. >> there will be a push for it and if this president has learned, he will not be bombing iran. renewed respect for knowing your limitations and renewed respect for understanding something about your enemy. we went into vietnam with knowing nothing about the culture, the religion, nothing. >> david rennie? >> i don't think nonintervention is the principle. i think it's understanding the risks and i think with iran i would disagree with pat. if your choice is bombing iran or allowing them to have a bomb, there is argument for taking action. >> when is humankind go
Comedy Central
Jul 25, 2013 11:30pm PDT
work for the other side and raise money for your election. you can't send out an e-mail that says, "help! i need your money right away because some of my opponents' ideas are good, and i want to help them pass laws. check here to help me compromise my ideals." >> well, for those who view it that way, we have to change it. that's the problem we've got in washington right now. >> stephen: too much money? >> yes, too much money. campaign finance reform. that should be a must ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: but you filibustered-- wait. that was one of the things i agreed with you. >> you do? >> stephen: no i agreed with you when you filibustered the disclose act which was going to reveal how money gets into superpacs. >> first of all, let me say my provision was struck down by the supreme court, citizens united. so i've been a strong advocate and proponent-- >> stephen: you don't believe i should have been able to have a superpac. >> exactly. ( laughter ) you're absolutely right. >> stephen: but corporations are people. >> how ask that help-- >> stephen: corporations are people. >
Jul 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in a national election. members of the opposition rejected the results. they cited what they call serious irregularities and calling for an investigation. nhk world has a report. . >> the cambodian national rescue party made gain in sunday's election. even using the ruling party, the cnrp almost doubled in size in parliament from 29 to 55 seats. the ruling party for the prime minister said he wants 68 seats out of 123 in the lower house of parliament and claimed victory. here is the headquarters of the opposition party. there so many supporters gathering. >> despite the big gain, the opposition is not satisfied. the leaders on monday reject issed the result. saying there were irregularities. he claimed the party could have been bigger. >> there was massive manipulation. we cannot accept this-sided announcement from a particular party. >> they are calling for a commission to investigate the results including political parties, the united nation, the election authority and the organization. >> many people were not register and could not vote. i don't think the election was fair. >> this is
Jul 24, 2013 5:30am PDT
was not expected. away fromcally moved contesting the elections -- but deeper than that, taking it to a whole different level. basically a very big confrontation we will see in the next few days. >> outside of politics, the country is beset with problems. a rebel insurgency that has been troubling -- grumbling in the background for almost a year so that shows no signs of going away. the cattle raiding continues. and large clashes. addressing the united nations last year, it was acknowledged. >> we have been tested by conflicts within and beyond our borders. we have been tested by severe economic hardships. thewe have been tested by revelation of severe abuse of the public trust and funds, resulting partly from malpractices. >> with oil production expected to halt in the coming weeks, for the second time since independence, south sudan will once again lose most of its income. already one of the least developed countries in the world, the political situation makes it to future even more uncertain. al jazeera, south sudan. tuesday, south sudan's interior ministry -- interior minister laid it dow
Jul 28, 2013 2:30pm PDT
people are hoping the presidential election will restore stability to the country following last year's insurgency in the north and the ensuing intervention by the french military. and the expremier finance minister are considered the favorites among the 27 candidates. no violent incidents appear to have marred the elections. elementaryso held elections on sunday with the hardy of the prime minister winning a narrow victory. the main opposition party made strong gains and alleges irregularities may have lost them even more votes. the poll was mostly peaceful, though crowds rioted outside a polling booth, setting fire to police cars. the victory means the prime minister extensive 28 year grip on power by only a slight margin. the racecluded from by the national election committee. now on our top story about israel's -- more about israel, we go to our reporter on the phone from jerusalem. this seems to be a big move for netanyahu. why has he put so much effort into trying to persuade his government about the prison release? >> we can only speculate about it. it's an important step for h
Jul 24, 2013 9:00pm PDT
big campaign, and that is endorsed by an elected official. does that count? i mean, elected officials endorse all kinds of programs and projects all of the time. >> i think that it could, if they were using an elected officials in premature to add legitimatecy in the appeal to the public. >> you mean if they used it for example in printed material? >> yeah. >> or the media campaign. >> yeah. let's say that we are doing a mailer to say right to the board of supervisor and tell them not to cut them for the fire cuts keep them all open. >> maybe the firefighters union will do something like that. and they would say, you know, supervisors you are actually spear heading a movement to help us in gaining the funding that we need. please write or call the board right away. and that reporting would be captured whether or not the supervisor's names were attached to it or not. and you know, it is kind of that would not be it is not associated with like a ballot measure or something like that, so there is actually no political reporting attached to this. >> i see. >> does that answer yo
Jul 26, 2013 1:00am PDT
rallies and things that these firms organized. they also sent people to hound elected officials in their districts to try and embarrass and harass them into voting against health reform. >> corporate lobbyists are organizing far right hooligan tactics to disrupt civic meetings about health care reform. this is the organized use of intimidation as a political tool in the united states, and i don't mean intimidation euphemistically. i mean literal intimidation. new york congressman tim bishop, who we showed you earlier, he ended up having to be escorted to his car by five police officers for his own safety after his town hall event was over. >> meanwhile, the strategy for defeating health reform back in washington was twofold. one was lie about what it would do and to whom it would do it to. >> and now a familiar voice is raising the temperature. sarah palin, just two weeks removed from office, writes on her facebook page, "my parents or my baby with down syndrome will have to stand in front of obama's death panel so his bureaucrats can decide whether they are worthy of health car
Jul 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
of peace talks. 27 candidates and millions of votes cast. molly holds a landmark presidential election. i am in rio de janeiro, brazil, where pope francis has just ended his first international trip. >> we begin in egypt, where thousands of demonstrators have been attempting to march towards the military intelligence headquarters. the crowds began moving from the capital of the city district before eventually turning around. egypt armed forces have issued a statement warning the protesters to stay away from military installations in general and the military intelligence headquarters, in particular. the statements went onto say that any person who got too close or tried to engage engage with the personnel protecting it would expose themselves to danger in accordance with the law. supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi are determined to continue their protest, as you can see. many have been can't out for more than a month now. similar rallies are taking place in at least eight efferent cities. different cities. >> the national defense council issued a strongly worded statement di
Jul 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to looking at it. once again, that reflects our values as leaders and elected leaders here in san francisco. i know trustee -- i know supervisor avalos, you mentioned student equity. well, some of the things that we did look at, and i was happy to co-sponsor, was we actually had a resolution to first collect the data for student equity because we do know that our black and brown students are not succeeding even in community college at the levels of others. we also looked at accelerated basic skills courses and even though there is a lot of -- a lot of conversation, a lot of debate in disagreement. that's what a democracy should be. i think we get deemed in terms of the accjc because we're not smooth, democracy is not smooth. you have arguments, you have debates, but at the end of the day you come out with an outcome that is justified. we're improving these accelerated skills courses so students who, yes, they did take three, four, five, six semesters to get out of basic skills. now we're going to hopefully see them get out of their basic skills courses a lot faster and that will lead to hea
Jul 25, 2013 9:00pm PDT
here and giving us space for this conversation. one of the sad things about losing our locally elected board is that there is now no formal public space for these kind of conversations to happen. it won't be happening at city college for the foreseeable future. and, so, the fact that you all have stepped up and provided the space i think is extremely important. i will be brief. you all have been asking excellent questions and i want to thank you for that. and there are a lot of people back there who know a lot more about the details of what is wrong, about what is happening here than i do. but i want to make a few points. i don't want to pick on gohar [speaker not understood] because she works very hard and she has worked very hard over the last years and she continues to do everything she can to keep city college open. but she presented you with a set of basically accjc talking points about who they are and how they operate which in my brief experience on that board are not true. she talked about this as a body that engages in voluntary self-regulation. now, the voluntariness of this
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